Welcome to The Food Lens Podcast, hosted by Molly Ford and Catherine Smart. You already turn to TFL for the lowdown on Boston’s best restaurants, bars, and events; now we’re looking past the plate, connecting with some of our favorite chefs and tastemakers in the studio to find out what really makes them tick.

As the restaurant industry continues to face unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, we’re keeping the conversation going. Through remote interviews we touch on a range of topics: takeout, legislative action, how hospitality carves a path forward, and more. From Tracy Chang and Jamie Bissonnette’s work with Off Their Plate, to Andy Husbands’ popups supporting unemployed staff, to Tony Maws and Bessie King’s advocacy work with Mass Restaurants United, we’ve been heartened to hear how the community continues to show up. Tune in for the latest happenings and to find out how all lovers of the local food scene can help.

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