Welcome to The Food Lens Podcast! You already turn to TFL for the lowdown on Boston’s best restaurants, bars, and events; now we’re looking past the plate, connecting with some of our favorite chefs and tastemakers in the studio to find out what really makes them tick. During each episode, co-hosts Molly Ford and Catherine Smart chat with restaurant industry insiders—digging into business, passion projects, and food trends—to see what’s shaping the New England restaurant scene.

Our Season 1 guests crisscross cuisines and neighborhoods. Here’s a sample menu: Somerville’s feminist natural-wine-maven-in-residence, Lauren Friel; South End culinary empire builders Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer (who finally crossed the river to Cambridge in 2016); and chef Juan Pedrosa, who started his career (at age 12) in a Waltham pizzeria, and, more recently, helped transform Yvonne’s into a sexy downtown hotspot. No tasty topic is off limits: from peeling back the politics of sustainable seafood to farming data on customers to high-end cannabis cuisine. We’re curious. We’re hungry. And we know you are too—so join us.

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