S2 EP 5: There’s No Place Like Home for Mr. Kim

Credit: Gary Kim

Gary Kim grew up in a Korean family and calls Portsmouth home. The chef went to high school in the Seacoast city, spent time in local kitchens—including the now-shuttered Pesce and The Black Birch—and launched Anju Noodle Bar in Kittery. On a several-year world tour of sorts, Kim helmed kitchens and popups in L.A., Seattle, Denver, the Virgin Islands, the U.K., Italy, Spain, and Boston (at Uni). Now he’s back with his own brick-and-mortar spot in Portsmouth, making “Mr. Kim” a household name.

After running away on his world tour—and occasionally popping up around Portsmouth—Gary Kim has returned to his hometown to open a new restaurant, Mr. Kim’s. In this episode we talk about what hangs in the balance of new and old Portsmouth, wanderlust, finding your food voice, and why Kim has no fear of “fusion.”

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