S2 EP 6: How Elle Simone Scott Styled Herself a Career in Food

Credit: America's Test Kitchen

When the Great Recession hit and Elle Simone lost her job as a social worker in Michigan, she decided to pivot and pursue her passion. Simone enrolled in the French Culinary Institute (now named the International Culinary Center) in NYC and supplemented her scholarship with working nights in a women’s shelter. An internship at the Food Network was a breakthrough for the budding cook, food stylist, and producer, who went on to work with Bravo and the Cooking Channel. She recently made a shift from behind the scenes to in front of the camera, becoming America’s Test Kitchen’s first black woman star. Simone also owns SheChef Inc., a networking organization for women chefs of color.

How do you get a job cooking on TV? According to Elle Simone, by saying “yes” to all manner of crazy experiences life serves up. Chef Simone shares the story of her winding path, from aspiring academic and social worker to food stylist and on-air talent at America’s Test Kitchen. Elle gives us a peek behind the curtain of food TV production, talks about starting SheChef Inc. to empower women of color in the industry, and shares a couple of big new projects she’s working on. Try to keep up!

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