The Food Lens 
The Food Lens is an online resource that helps readers discover the best food, drink, and events in Boston. The content isn’t crowd-sourced; instead, it’s highly curated by a small team of experts who call this city home.

The Food Lens does not accept payment or trade for coverage, resulting in authentic and reliable content.

The Co-Founders
When Molly Ford and Sarah Jesup met at Boston University in 2008, they instantly bonded over food. Molly was studying journalism. Sarah was studying hospitality. They didn’t know it then, but their skills in these areas—plus their mutual love of eating—would later combine in just the right way.

The two friends traveled around the globe together, driven by a desire to uncover the best hidden culinary gems. From Mexican taquerias to shawarma spots in Istanbul to Boston’s standout dishes, they kept track of their favorite meals in a Google Doc. That nascent “restaurant bible” eventually inspired the duo to found The Food Lens, a curated online guide to eating and drinking in Boston.

Why Trust Us?
It’s easier than ever to find information about restaurants online—but sifting through a never-ending stream of opinions is time-consuming (and can leave you with more questions than answers). The Food Lens focuses on guiding readers to the spots in that are truly worth a detour.

All TFL content is created and managed by our team of local food and drink journalists. Drawing from deep knowledge of Boston’s food scene, the team handpicks every spot, every dish, and every libation featured on the site. And we visit each featured spot repeatedly over time to ensure it consistently makes the cut.

There are only so many meals in life—and we don’t want you to waste a single one. As our food journey continues, we hope you’ll join us.


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