Boston local Julia Child said it best: “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

We agree. That’s probably why we instantly bonded upon meeting at Boston University in 2008. Molly, a San Diego native, was studying journalism. Sarah, originally from Putney, Vermont, was studying hospitality. We didn’t know it then, but our mutual love of eating coupled with our skills in these two different areas would eventually collide in just the right way. The result? You’re looking at it.

It wasn’t just food that united us, though—it was also curiosity, a mutual desire to explore the world and uncover its hidden culinary gems. Since meeting we’ve traveled together to every corner of the globe. Along the way, food has been our motivation: the best way to discover a city, to glimpse into another culture, to bond with locals, to bridge barriers. Language, art, history—there’s nothing that good food can’t express. We learn from it; we thrive on it.

Still, uncovering those hidden gems takes effort. It takes research. These days it’s easier than ever before to find information online—but sometimes there’s too much of it. How do we sift through the never-ending stream of opinions? Whose do we trust?

Our goal is to create a curated resource that guides hungry travelers and locals alike to the spots in our city—that are truly worth going to.

Why trust us?

First, we know Boston. We handpick every spot and every dish featured on our site. We don’t just defer to memories; our team repeatedly visits each featured restaurant to ensure it consistently makes the cut.

Second, our writers know Boston. They’re locals with deep knowledge of the ins and outs of its thriving food scene. As professionals, they don’t just pontificate opinions; they get a feeling for where a spot fits in, what it brings to the plate, what makes it worth a detour. They spark our appetite for good food and great adventures, and we know they’ll spark yours, too.

There are only so many meals in life—to make sure you don’t waste a single one, there’s no place we won’t travel and no food we won’t try. As our food journey continues, we hope you’ll come along.


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