S2 EP 4: All in the "Pam-ily" (with Pam & Chris Willis)

Credit: Sarah Hummel

Chris and Pam Willis came from seemingly opposite backgrounds: He grew up on a farm that’s been in his family for four generations; she was the daughter of a hotelier and restaurateur in New York City. But when the two met at Nantucket’s infamously divey The Chicken Box, they clicked. Maybe it had to do with their mutual interests in food, hospitality, and art. Chris had wanted to be a drummer, but he was also a chef who worked his way up in kitchens like Clio, NYC’s Sfoglia, and the now-shuttered Rialto. Pam had pursued theater, but also had close ties to the hospitality business. Pammy’s is the couple’s first restaurant. Opened in 2017 and already beloved by Bostonians, the welcoming, beautiful, and delicious spot seamlessly reflects the personalities of its owners.

Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up in a glamorous NYC hotel? Or down on the farm? We get the scoop from Pam and Chris Willis. Pam, the gregarious, fashionable front-of-the-house, and Chris, the creative but exacting chef, are behind the alchemy that is Pammy’s in Cambridge. Glamourous yet approachable, this elevated Italian-American spot is a reflection of the couple running the show. We dig into “Pam-ily” dynamics, the unsung beauty of fresh flour, and the emotional pay-off of running a neighborhood restaurant.

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