S1 EP 3: Down on the (Data) Farm with Will Gilson


Given the way Will Gilson crafts thoughtful dishes with produce and herbs at Puritan & Company, it comes as no surprise that he grew up on a farm. Early years spent working stalls at markets for his family farm, Groton’s The Herb Lyceum at Gilson’s, sparked his interest in a culinary career. The chef followed his passion from kitchens in Boston’s North End to Oleana in Cambridge. Opening Puritan & Company in Inman Square in 2012 allowed Gilson to realize his ultimate dream: owning a refined neighborhood restaurant with dishes inspired by his upbringing and the freshest market fare. After experimenting with on-demand delivery at Puritan, the juice bar Beatnik Beverage Company, and a pop-up named after his daughter, Beatrice, Gilson is focusing his energy on his biggest project yet: all-day dining and a rooftop bar at the New Cambridge Crossing development.

Turns out, “failing fast” isn’t just for Silicon Valley types. Chef Gilson has plenty of wins on his record, but the chef of Puritan & Company is quick to own up to his mistakes—and learn from them. As Will is about to embark on his most ambitious restaurant project yet, we sit down to talk on-demand food delivery, ghost restaurants, and how getting good at collecting and interpreting data is the key to surviving in today’s challenging restaurant industry.

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