S1 EP 4: The Highs and Lows of Starting a Cannabis Supper Club (with Samantha Kanter & Nicholas Escoto)


Samantha Kanter has been in the hospitality industry since 2007, but traces her love of food and festivities to childhood. After managing events for Dante and Il Casale, and then moving to Big Night Entertainment Group, Kanter struck out on her own, founding Sam Kanter Events (SKE). A personal event concierge service, SKE pairs companies, brides, and food-loving party throwers with restaurants and other event venues creating tailored events at no additional cost to the client. Her latest project, the invitation-only supper club Dinner at Mary’s, produces high-end events with cannabis-infused cuisine.

Nicholas Escoto started working in professional kitchens and catering when he was 18. Just a couple of short years later, he had the idea of “green catering,” which he’s honed today through his work with Samantha Kanter and the invite-only Dinner at Mary’s supper club. Escoto trained at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and spent time working in Orvieto, Italy. A Boston native with Dominican parents, he often blends his experience in Italian cuisine with his Caribbean roots.

Cannabis cuisine has come a long way from pot brownies. On this week’s episode, we chat with Sam Kanter and Nick Escoto, producers of Dinner at Mary’s, an invite-only marijuana supper club. Sam takes her experience of producing high-end (no pun intended) events and works with chef Nick to give guests an elevated dining experience, enhanced with weed. We touch on changing regulations, pairing pot with food—just like you would with wine—and infusing the plant in everything from salad dressing to dessert.

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