S1 EP 6: Restaurant Partnership, AKA Platonic Marriage (with Ken Oringer & Jamie Bissonnette)


James Beard Award-winning chefs and partners Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer have built a veritable restaurant empire. In 2007, Bissonnette was running the kitchen at Eastern Standard when his fellow cookbook-nerd pal Oringer—who was already busy with Clio (now Uni)—proposed he run the kitchen at the now-shuttered KO Prime over post-work drinks. These days, the two co-own and co-chef South End favorites Coppa, an Italian enoteca; Toro, a Barcelona-style tapas bar; and neighborhood restaurant/porron party Little Donkey in Cambridge. In 2013, Bissonnette and Oringer brought Toro to New York City and received rave reviews; later, they extended the concept to Bangkok and Dubai. Somehow they manage to balance their partnership and individual projects while keeping their restaurants as fresh and exciting as ever.

These two. How do they keep the magic alive in kitchens like Coppa, Toro, and Little Donkey? We ask the duo to dish on their partnership and try to understand the alchemy behind our favorite hamburguesas, soppressata pizzas, and porrón parties. Spoiler alert: It’s a unique combo of brutal honesty, respect for creativity, a shared love of breakfast—and a dash of improv.

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