S3 EP 7: Will Gilson is Finding a Pathway Forward

Photo credit: Puritan & Co.
By Catherine Smart · 05/20/2020

Will Gilson was supposed to be launching several new concepts this year – while those plans may be on hold for the moment, he’s diversifying his offerings at Puritan & Co. and forging a way forward with technology, takeout, and a team eager to get (safely) back to work.

Looking for cooking inspiration? Will hooked us up with some easy (and delicious) recipes to help get through quarantine!

Spiced Grilled Zucchini Tacos with Cabbage Slaw & Chipotle Crema
Cod Chowder with Crispy Potatoes and Applewood Bacon
Corn and Tomato “Mason Jar” Salad
Roast Beef “3-Way” Slider Burgers

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