The Food Lens Podcast Trailer: Season 1

By Molly Ford · 09/08/2019

The Food Lens Podcast is coming soon! You know to turn to The Food Lens for the best restaurants, bars, and events in Boston…and now we’re looking past the plate and connecting with some of our favorite chefs and tastemakers in studio. On each episode, co-hosts Molly Ford, Co-Founder of The Food Lens, & Catherine Smart, Co-Founder of chat with restaurant industry insiders —  digging into business, passion projects, and food trends to see what’s shaping the New England restaurant scene.

No tasty topic is off limits: from peeling back the politics of sustainable seafood, to farming data on customers, to high-end cannabis cuisine. We’re curious. We’re hungry. And we know you are too, so join us.

The Food Lens Podcast is also available on:
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Don’t miss our podcast launch party on November 7th at Shojo in Chinatown. Get tickets now!

A big thank you to our season 1 sponsor, Winestyr. 

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