S1 EP 1: Keeping it All Natural (Wine) with Lauren Friel

Credit: Brian Samuels

Lauren Friel—champion of feminist business models and un-messed-with wine—has captured lightning in a bottle with her small-but-mighty wine bar, Rebel Rebel. The darling of Somerville’s Bow Market, the spot’s pours are natural, and the few seats are coveted by neighborhood regulars, industry insiders, and national drink editors swinging through town. A writer, entrepreneur, and sommelier, Friel is a woman of many talents. A small sampling of her accomplishments includes: holding the position of Wine Director at award-winning Sarma and Oleana restaurants, earning an Advanced Certification with Distinction from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, compiling the all-female wine list for NYC’s Dirt Candy, and writing for Bon Appétit, Eater, The Kitchn, and more.

What, exactly, is a feminist wine bar? And what about it makes a seat at Rebel Rebel—Lauren Friel’s pocket-sized bar in Union Square’s Bow Market—one of the most coveted spots to imbibe in Greater Boston? We get personal with Lauren: about the choice to share so much of herself with her online following, how her business acumen and activism intersect, and what goes into (and is left out of) a good bottle of natural wine.

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