S2 EP 9: How Ashley Stanley Saves 75,000 Pounds of Food a Week with Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Credit: Nicole Chan Photography

After a revelation about the scale of wasted food back in 2009, Ashley Stanley has made it her mission to recover food and reroute it to the hungry. In 2010 she founded Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a gleaning organization that has since rescued more than 14 million pounds of fresh, healthy food, distributing it to 150 nonprofits focused on food security issues. The Boston Business Journal has named her an “Emerging Leader” and added her to their 40 Under 40 list, while The Boston Globe recognized her as a “Game Changer.” Stanley is also an entrepreneur, writer and speaker who has served as a fellow at The Nantucket Project, an ambassador for Oxfam International’s Sisters of the Planet, a member of TEDWomen, and a TEDx community speaker.

When Lovin’ Spoonfuls Founder Ashley Stanley discovered how much good food was being thrown out at big grocery stores, she started by loading up her car and carrying it to a local shelter. 10 years later, the non-profit rescues 75,000 pounds of food every week. We talk to Ashley about how she got into the business of bringing food to people who need it most, what makes her non-profit organization unique, and the personal challenges that led her to change her life and help so many others in the process.

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, communities served by Lovin’ Spoonfuls need our help more than ever. To donate, please click HERE.

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