Honeycomb Creamery

By Eric Twardzik · 06/24/2019    Cambridge · Ice Cream · $

Although words like “craft” and “small batch” have become buzzy, we can’t help but use them to describe Cambridge’s Honeycomb Creamery. That’s because this place is the real deal: The ice cream is made with high-butterfat Jersey cow’s milk from Hadley, Mass., purchased raw and pasteurized in-house.

This farm-to-freezer philosophy provides Honeycomb with full creative control over its flavors, which include Cold Brew Coffee Chip and Salted Caramel Crackle. But more importantly, it just makes for great ice cream: rich and buttery, with a velvet-soft texture. It’s a near-perfect expression of the category on its own, and it’s next-level when sandwiched between crumbly homemade cookies or wrapped within a waffle cone taco shell.

Aside from a mural depicting a dripping cone and its associated ingredients, there are few bells and whistles in its space—which is fine, as you’re here for the ice cream. Grab a seat at one of the four rough-hewn tables and dig in.


We know, choosing flavors is hard. Ease the experience by ordering a flight of four, which comes with waffle cone chips.

Sorbets and dairy-free flavors made with coconut cream and cocoa butter ensure that the dairy-averse aren’t excluded.

Take a pint or half-pint home and upgrade your Netflix-binge dessert of choice (sorry, Ben and Jerry).

Must Haves

  • You might think that rich caramel is the best part of this butterscotch-like flavor, until you hit one of the salty, crunchy “crackles” at the bottom.

  • Some coffee ice creams are one-note. This iteration starts out sweet, recalling cookies and cream, before finishing with the smooth, unmistakable flavor of cold brew.

  • Honeycomb’s house-made philosophy carries over into this dessert. Choose your flavor and they’ll wedge it between two soft chocolate chip cookies. It’s going to get messy, and it’s entirely worth it.

  • This riff on a nostalgic treat, which is only served on Tuesdays and changes weekly, rolls ice cream into a tortilla-shaped waffle cone and crowns it with generous, ever-changing toppings.

Fun Fact

Before starting the business with her husband Rory Hanlon, co-founder Kristen Rummel worked as a kitchen manager at Union Square Donuts.

Tastes of Honeycomb Creamery

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