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Let’s be honest: “Dairy substitute” just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Nothing can ever replace the real thing—and no watery creamers, golden margarine tubs, nor chalky faux cheeses should be able to convince us otherwise. Besides, why focus on what a food is not, when we should be focusing on what it is?

Cookie ice cream sandwich from FoMu

That’s one of the reasons why FoMu—a vegan ice cream company that unapologetically showcases the virtues of coconut cream—is particularly refreshing. Its base might not come from a ruminant, but coconuts have fat, mouthfeel, and flavor aplenty. Skeptical? Just try it. This creamy, thick, viscous stuff will stick to your spoon and haunt your daydreams.

The product is a labor of love for owners Deena Jalal and Hin Tang. The two left corporate jobs to take over an Emack & Bolio’s ice cream shop and, after searching for methods of improving quality and alternative non-dairy bases, were inspired to branch out on their own.

Ice cream cone from FoMu

In addition to the slightly detectable coconut aura that shines through—especially in vanilla-based preparations—added ingredients attest to Jalal and Tang’s quest for quality. In seasonal varieties like Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, we’ve found real berries swirled with morsels of crust. A divine avocado variety is made by slicing and pitting real fruits for an avocado-forward flavor with a hint of lime. Staples like Salted Caramel avoid cloying sweetness in exchange for burnt and buttery tastes, while a George Howell Cold Brew flavor is a milky interpretation of the locally-roasted beans.

Speaking of coffee— espresso drinks and other pastries are on offer at all three of FoMu’s brick-and-mortar locations. These airy, whitewashed-interior shops are the kind of place we could while away an afternoon, ice cream sandwich or the company’s twist on a choco taco in hand—whether we’re vegan, lactose-sensitive, or veritable worshippers at the altar of dairy.

Vanilla ice cream from FoMu

One secret to FoMu’s thick, creamy texture is low overrun (the air incorporated into the product during churning); while O2 often makes up half the volume of other brands, it only comprises about a quarter of this coconut-based treat.

No brick-and-mortar in your neighborhood? Check the website for popup shop locations; they open up around town in summer.

In addition to offering delivery via Grubhub, FoMu also caters—and rents out its shops for private events.

Must Haves

  • Having so many seasonal and staple flavors to choose from can leave you stumped, but staff here kindly offer tastes and will squeeze several varieties into one cup. Don’t miss the Salted Caramel, George Howell Cold Brew, or Avocado.

  • Refreshing ice cream with real mint taste. Soft and chewy cookies. Dark chocolate chips in both to double down on the crunch.

Fun Fact

Say it with us: “faux-moo.” Get it?

Tastes of FoMu

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about FoMu!

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