Soft Serve

Dairy Joy

Gone are the days when informed eaters turned their noses up at soft serve ice cream. And we couldn’t be happier, because that silky frozen treat takes down the temperature like nothing else. Whether you’re craving flavors straight from childhood or something new, these Boston-area soft serve purveyors won’t let you down.

Photo Credit: Kristen Rummel

Like its firmer ice creams, Honeycomb Creamery’s soft serve is made from scratch using high-butterfat Jersey cow’s milk from a local farm. Two rotating flavors are always available, such as coffee, caramel, strawberry, or matcha. Naturally, you can combine the two into a twist.

Via the Starlite Snack Shack—a takeaway window operating from its next-door sibling restaurant, Parlor Sports—Trina’s Starlite Lounge is now selling soft serve ice cream to-go. Available in chocolate, vanilla, or twist, the ice cream itself is classic, but the cone specials offered every Tuesday are anything but. From cones made out of childhood cereals like Reese’s Puffs or Trix and bound together by melted marshmallows to classic desserts like linzer cookies or churros twisted into cone form, the serving mechanism itself becomes the star of the show.

Eventide Fenway

Photo Credit: Zack Bowen

One of the best offerings at Eventide Fenway doesn’t come from the sea, but rather from an ice cream machine. The Maine import always serves one evergreen flavor: its signature Brown Butter Soft Serve with bourbon caramel and maple candied pecans. Check the menu and you might also find a rotating seasonal flavor, like ginger ale or pumpkin spice.

Dairy Joy

A drive to Weston is worth it to experience Dairy Joy, a frozen-in-time highway snack stand selling burgers, fried seafood, and soft serve ice cream. The menu includes every flavor from your childhood recollections—chocolate, vanilla, orange sherbet, and creamsicle—plus Javaberry, a house signature with coffee and raspberry twist. Ironically, Dairy Joy also features a strong selection of dairy-free soft serve flavors like chocolate swirl and salted caramel.

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich - Blackbird Donuts

All Blackbird Doughnuts locations serve Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwiches: a “puck” of chocolate or vanilla soft serve pressed between a donut of your choice (or two cookies, in the case of the Cookie Dough-Nut Sandwich). But you’ll have to visit their South End outpost for the uncut stuff; only that location offers soft serve (chocolate, vanilla, or twist) sans donut.

Milk Bar

Photo Credit: Milk Bar

While Milk Bar may be famous for its over-the-top desserts, its ice cream selection is surprisingly restrained. The national chain offers precisely one flavor of soft serve: Cereal Milk, made with milk, cornflakes, brown sugar, and a trace of salt. It combines that bottom-of-the-bowl flavor with an airy, meringue-like texture, which can be enhanced by adding crunchy toppings like sprinkles or cornflakes.

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