Sofra Bakery & Cafe

Croissant. No matter how you pronounce it, you’ll be greeted with a flaky masterpiece upon uttering that magical French word at any of these Boston bakeries. Whether you’re seeking a chocolate-filled, bacon-and-egg-stuffed, or simple buttery pastry, these croissant makers par excellence have you covered.

Brookline bread mecca Clear Flour Bread turns out its hand-rolled Plain, Chocolate, and Gruyère croissants each day. But we love coming on Saturdays or Sundays to snag the salty, German-style Pretzel croissant and either Apricot or Raspberry croissants (the fruit flavors alternate weekly). Weekends also afford the chance to order a Breakfast Croissant sandwich stuffed with bacon, egg, and cheese. It’s worth waiting in line, we promise!

Croissants turn up at Sofra Bakery & Cafe, Ana Sortun’s Middle Eastern-influenced bakery, in a few forms. In addition to a hearty Chocolate Buckwheat Croissant and a seasonal Apple Cider Croissant in fall, the orange blossom-glazed Morning Bun made from cubed croissant dough shaped into a heaping muffin offers a new way to experience the classic pastry. Each is best paired with a robust Turkish coffee or a cup of house-made Chai.

With over a dozen white-tiled outposts now sprinkled across Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge, a croissant from hometown chain Tatte is never far away. Croissants here come in myriad flavors, including plain, chocolate, ham and cheese, almond, cream cheese, and pistachio. Make a meal out of the pastry by opting for the Croissant Sandwich filled with eggs, tomato, arugula, avocado, and Vermont cheddar, or a Croque Madame with ham, egg, and Gruyère on a croissant doused in creamy Mornay sauce (vegetarians can order a version with spinach, cucumber, radish, egg, and halloumi instead). Bonus: These breakfasts are served all day long.

The Victorian streets of the South End feel like the perfect place for a too-cute-by-half patisserie, and Cafe Madeleine delivers on both ambience and baked goods. You can watch as an all-star lineup of French pastries are prepared behind glass walls, but the croissants take the cake. The buttery plain variety is sublime enough, but the bittersweet pain au chocolat and the Gruyère-stuffed ham and cheese may prove habit-forming.

The Mamadou’s Artisan Bakery locations in Winchester and Arlington tell a truly global story: Each is the brainchild of Mamadou Mbaye, a Senegalese immigrant who dedicated years to mastering traditional French baking techniques. Now you can enjoy his hard work in the form of expertly crafted croissants in traditional flavors like almond, chocolate and plain, alongside fresh baguettes and loaves of bread.

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