Must-Try Takeout Cocktail: Highland Chicken’s Boozy Milkshakes

By Eric Twardzik · 11/20/2020

Highland Kitchen has temporarily transitioned to Highland Chicken during the social distancing era, serving a menu of fried chicken sandwiches, burgers, fries, and other takeout-friendly favorites. In keeping with the old-school chicken-shack theme, the Somerville spot is also selling Spiked Milkshakes to-go.

The options include vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, fortified with your choice of either bourbon, vodka, or rum. Among the many possible combinations, bartender Ian MacGregor has a clear favorite: the Spiked Chocolate Milkshake with rum. Highland Chicken uses an aged gold rum from Mount Gay, which plays nicely with the rich, creamy quality of the frozen dessert.

Every milkshake is made to order and served in a wax paper cup for easy portability. The mixture of ice cream, milk, syrup, and booze is blended to just the right temperature and texture for immediate consumption—“like if you leave your ice cream out on the counter before you take a bite,” MacGregor says.

The bartender also offers a pairing suggestion that will take your spiked shake to the next level.

“I always suggest that old trick we would do in high school when you got a shake—dip your fries in,” he said. “You have a nice, piping-hot French fry and you dip it into a shake? That’s a really nice combo. The saltiness and the sweetness, once they combine, are unbelievable.”

Fortunately, Highland Chicken has no shortage of fresh-from-the-fryer spuds.

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