Must-Try Takeout Cocktail: Moonless from Spoke Wine Bar

By Eric Twardzik · 12/01/2020

How can you make an Irish Coffee without using coffee or cream?

That challenge led to the creation of Moonless, a serves-two takeout cocktail from Spoke Wine Bar in Davis Square. Like that famously caffeinated cocktail, Spoke’s rendition includes whiskey, in this case Old Overholt Rye.

But it dispenses with coffee in favor of a tea made from chicory and a syrup made from carob pod, an ingredient often utilized as a vegan chocolate alternative. And in lieu of milk, the drink contains sake lees (the dried yeast left over from sake production). Lees lend the drink a creamy texture, and also contribute some interesting flavor elements.

“I was trying to get some creaminess without too much sweetness and the sake lees give it a bit of acidity and a little funkiness,” says Spoke creative director Katie Weismann.

The cocktail also contains Amaro di Angostura for a touch of bitterness.

“It really tastes like a creamy, chocolatey coffee,” Weismann says of the cocktail. “It has some bitterness; it has a body of creaminess without the sweetness. And then the carob provides a chocolate flavor.”

The drink’s name comes from an oft-quoted Twin Peaks line, in which the famously coffee-loving special agent Dale Cooper tells a character that he prefers his “black as midnight on a moonless night.”

We think that even a super-sleuth like Cooper might be tricked by Spoke’s uncanny creation.

Spoke will be taking a winter break starting December 7, but will continue to sell takeout cocktails, gift baskets and more through December 22.

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