This Colorful Cocktail Contains a Surprising Superfood

By Eric Twardzik · 05/12/2021

Meguro #1, a house-favorite drink at Brassica Kitchen + Cafe available to-go and for patio dining, features an unusual ingredient: algae. To be more specific, the cocktail contains spirulina, a nutrient-rich blue-green algae that’s commonly used as a health supplement.

We can’t exactly say this superfood makes Meguro #1 healthy—it also features rye whiskey, after all. But it does turn the drink a vibrant bluish-green and adds a touch of salinity to the concoction, which also includes lime juice, fresh ginger syrup, and vanilla.

“It’s a really well-balanced cocktail that hits all the right punches,” says bartender and assistant general manager Anna Puiia.

When ordered to-go, Meguro #1 is packaged without dilution. Puiia recommends that it be stirred or shaken with ice at home before being strained into a chilled rocks glass (or a coupe if you’re feeling fancy).

In terms of a food pairing, she notes that the drink’s lightly sweet character complements spicier fare, such as the restaurant’s Mushroom Lo-Mein or B.K. Fried Rice. But the perfect companion might be the B.K. Brussels, which are spruced up by lemon, maple, and miso. “The salinity from the spirulina will pull out the miso flavor in those Brussels,” Puiia says.

It never hurts to have a side of vegetables with your whiskey, either.

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