Rise and Shine with a Coffee-Infused “Breakfast Manhattan”

By Eric Twardzik · 04/15/2021

Redefine “Breakfast of Champions” with your next egg sandwich order from Vincent’s Corner Grocery by adding on the Breakfast Manhattan, a coffee-laced cocktail that’s sold to-go and for patio dining in Kendall Square.

By infusing rye whiskey with Barrington Coffee, co-owner Evan Harrison provides a useful excuse for pre-noon tippling. He also adds a little Fernet-Branca, a bitter ingredient that’s key to a classic Manhattan’s Canadian cousin, the Toronto. It’s a subtle nod to some of Vincent’s related restaurants: the Cambridge corner’s predecessor Cafe du Pays, a north-of-the-border-inspired bistro which closed permanently during the pandemic; and hibernating sister bar, State Park, where a Miller High Life and Toronto shot combo is a menu staple.

“It’s a cocktail we’ve always held close,” Harrison says.

A third spirit enters the mix in the form of Vincent’s exclusive barrel of Privateer Rum, which is aged for two years in American Oak and bottled at 92 proof.

“It has a really cool coconut caramel character and a big, long vanilla finish,” Harrison says. “It’s great when substituted for whiskey in classic cocktails, but also works well to complement whiskey as a double-base in drinks such as this one.”

The Breakfast Manhattan idea started with the coffee-infused rye, Harrison says, “and the fact that Fernet-Branca is a solid hangover remedy solidified it as a good brunch drink in my mind.”

At home, Harrison recommends stirring it for about 15 seconds over ice before straining into a chilled glass. You’ll definitely want something to soak up this boozy beverage. Vincent’s Bodega Breakfast Sandwich—which piles two fried eggs, American cheese, mayo, pickled peppers, and your choice of bacon, breakfast sausage, or avocado on a roll—is a worthy companion.

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