This Zesty, Citrusy Takeout Cocktail Rethinks the Pink Drink

By Eric Twardzik · 03/12/2021

Who’s afraid of a pink cocktail? Certainly not Puritan & Company general manager Ryan Wilson, who created this tequila-based drink with a simple mission in mind: pink ingredients only.

Pink Matter, currently available for takeout, takes its name from a Frank Ocean song. It uses a house-made grapefruit syrup, pink peppercorn-infused tequila, the grapefruit liqueur known as Pamplemousse Rose, a touch of Campari, and dry vermouth. Those last two ingredients—red and clear aperitifs, respectively—might be cheating at the whole “pink” thing, but we’ll give them a pass.

They’re necessary additions, after all: They help to balance this drink, which Wilson describes as having a bubble gum, cotton candy-like sweetness. “Sweet” may have become a taboo word in the cocktail world, but Wilson thinks it’s ready for a comeback—with some adjustments. Along with bitter notes from the Campari and vermouth, he also relies on the peppercorn-infused tequila to add a little spice to Pink Matter.

The drink’s tart sweetness makes it an excellent complement to any chicken or pork dish, Wilson says, and its grapefruit notes play nice with citrusy desserts and sorbets. He suggests serving it at home in a coupe glass—or even better, in its bell-shaped cousin, a Nick and Nora—but he realizes the limitations of the current moment. “It’s a take-home cocktail—put it in a coffee mug. You know what I mean?”

Wise words.

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