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By Molly McDonough · 11/26/2016    Somerville · Bar · New American · $$

Sometimes, at the end of the worst kind of Boston day—after wading through three feet of snow, falling into sidewalk cracks, or simply navigating the nightmare of the MBTA—the last thing you want is to fight for a seat in a trendy restaurant to eat fancy small plates. Instead, we downtrodden Bostonians need to cozy up in a warm booth with a stiff cocktail literally called a Corpse Reviver and eat a big plate of juicy meat ASAP.

Interior of Highland Kitchen

This is why neighborhood restaurants exist, and why Highland Kitchen thrives as a reliable respite from the world. And lets not equate reliable with boring; this is the kind of food youd travel for and the kind of food youd be happy to eat again and again, the kind of place where the burger impresses both your food-snobby friend and your beef-loving American Dad. Even slightly adventurous dishes (think goat stew and fried Brussels sprouts slathered in Buffalo sauce) yield more than enough of that warm, rounded flavor to satisfy our cravings.

Cheeseburger with bacon from Highland Kitchen

While the Spring Hill location might be out of the way for non-locals (necessitating a bus ride or—gasp—an uphill walk from any direction), that doesn’t mean it’s a breeze to get a table. Count on a wait here any night of the week, as well as at Sunday morning brunch. In the meantime, crowd around the bar, peruse the sprawling (and affordable) cocktail list, browse the jukebox, and enjoy the friendly service. We’re all just here to warm up, fill up, and escape the stress that never ceases in our messy city outside.

Cocktails from Highland Kitchen

Trivia is fun and all, but Highland’s monthly spelling bee offers a chance to shine for other kinds of nerds. Every first Tuesday of the month at 10 p.m.

Go on a Monday for the weekly Fried Chicken & Tiki special. Nothing better than a fruity drink to wash down that generous plate of amazing crispy bird and southern sides.

Don’t miss the ONCE Lounge across Central Ave. for pre-dinner drinks or post-dinner live music in this eclectic, sprawling old-school Somerville haunt.

Must Haves

  • In your hungriest moments, you’ll forever recall the sight of this brunch item’s layers of meat (crispy fried chicken, sausage gravy, thick bacon) exploding out of its buttery biscuit.

  • This tender, crispy buttermilk-fried rendition is so popular they made it into a weekly special, served every Monday night alongside special tiki cocktails. (It also inspired a whole new restaurant-Highland Fried-
    in Inman Square.)

  • Who knew goat meat could fall apart so beautifully?

  • Ending a meal with this hot and oozing dish is like cozying up next to a fireplace.

Fun Fact

Goat meat might seem exotic to us, but in Somerville we’re finally getting with the program—it’s actually the most widely consumed meat in the world.

Tastes of Highland Kitchen

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about Highland Kitchen!

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