Where to Order Matzo Ball Soup in the Boston Area

By Eric Twardzik
The Best Matzo Ball Soup in Boston
Michael's Deli

What’s more comforting than a hot bowl of matzo ball soup? We’ll wait for your answer—but in the meantime, here’s a rundown of our favorite Boston delis and restaurants serving up the beloved Jewish comfort food. From a traditional recipe made for more than 100 years to a schmaltzy newcomer, here are the best bowls of matzo ball soup to order around Boston.

S&S Restaurant

S&S Restaurant - The Best Matzo Ball Soup in Boston

For more than 100 years, folks in Cambridge have satisfied their hankering for soul-warming Matzo Ball Soup at S&S Restaurant. Noted as “Grandma’s favorite” on the extensive all-day menu, we imagine very little has changed about this dish since family-business matriarch Ma Edelstein founded the Inman Square landmark in 1919 (her great-great-grandson recently took over). The soup itself is light and flavorful, while the matzo ball has a toothsome texture. If this were our family recipe, we’d pass it down five generations and counting, too.

Mamaleh’s - Where to Buy the Best Pies in Boston

Mamaleh’s Delicatessen may be a relative newcomer on Boston’s Jewish deli scene, but the Matzah Ball Soup is made the old-world way. The substantial matzo balls, which have a spongy, springy, dumpling-like quality, are prepared with schmaltz, a type of rendered chicken fat that’s been used for centuries in Ashkenazi Jewish cooking (Mamaleh’s makes theirs in-house from chicken feet and backs). The chicken broth itself is rich, savory, and deeply flavorful, thanks to a 12-hour simmer. Even the vegetables are treated with care: The carrots and celery are added at the end of the cooking process to ensure they stay crisp and crunchy. Hot Matzah Ball Soup is available from the Cambridge and Brookline delis by the cup, bowl, or quart; you can also bring home a frozen quart of soup to reheat at home.

Inna's Kitchen - The Best Matzo Ball Soup in Boston

Matzo Ball Soup is a two-part takeout item from Inna’s Kitchen Culinaria, a kosher kitchen in Newton run by a mother-and-son duo featuring Jewish cuisine from around the globe. To prepare it at home, you’ll need to buy a pint of their frozen Chicken Soup (available with chicken and vegetables or just broth), plus a pack of Gluten-Free Matzo Balls, which are prepared with potato flour and sold in frozen packs of four. That separation ensures that the oversized, slightly spicy matzo balls are just as firm as they should be when you add them to the light but flavorful broth. Inna’s Kitchen offers on-site pickup and a wide, local delivery range via Mercato and WhatsGood.

Michael's Deli

Michael's Deli Boston

This Brookline hole-in-the-wall may be best known for hefty corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, but when it comes to take-home spreads, Michael’s Deli doesn’t overlook that other Jewish deli staple: Matzo Ball Soup, which comes frozen by the quart. The enormous, fist-sized matzo balls are tender and spongy, and are easily broken into smaller chunks that will float amid a light broth and tender-yet-snappy vegetables. The Coolidge Corner deli also offers home delivery in Brookline, Needham, Newton, or Wellesley (you can also check whether Uber Eats or DoorDash delivers Michael’s to your area). If you’re visiting in person, note that Michael’s only accepts cash or Venmo.

Barry's Village Deli

Barry's Village Deli - The Best Matzo Ball Soup in Boston

This 50-year-old Waban institution bills itself as an “authentic New York City-style deli,” complete with Chicken Matzo Ball Soup. The iteration at Barry’s Village Deli is available fresh or frozen, and while the hearty chicken chunks and tender vegetables are enjoyable, it’s the generously sized, moist, and fluffy matzo balls that truly hit the spot. Barry’s freezer selection also includes matzo ball soup without chicken, matzo balls in clear broth, and simply a half-dozen frozen matzo balls. The two dining rooms are back open, but you can also order online for pickup.

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