The Best Cups of Vietnamese Iced Coffee Around Boston

By Jacqueline Cain
Cicada Coffee Bar

Vietnam has a robust coffee culture, and it’s a major grower and exporter of beans. Greater Boston has been home to a large Viet diaspora for decades, and our coffee shop scene reaps the benefits of these delicious traditions. From steamy cups of dark roast to creamy iced coffees, here’s where to drink Vietnamese coffee in Boston.

Ba Le

Strong and sweet, the classic Cà Phê Sữa Đá (iced drip coffee with condensed milk) at Ba Le goes great with this Dot Ave. shop’s excellent banh mi sandwiches and Vietnamese pastries. Other treats on the menu include smoothies and boba tea, where coffee also comes into play: Try a coffee smoothie, or add springy coffee jelly to your drink for fun—and an extra jolt of caffeine.

Phinista Cafe

A Vietnamese coffee shop in the Fenway neighborhood, Phinista Cafe showcases sustainably sourced beans and brews filtered in a traditional metal phin. The lineup of drinks includes a weekend-special foamy egg coffee; floral flavored syrups; and a vegan Vietnamese Iced Latte, sweetened with coconut cream. West Roxbury sister shop Bánh Mì Ơi has cool coffee drinks, too.

Reign Drink Lab

Credit: Tam Le

The second generation of Fields Corner mainstay Pho Hoa opened this forward-thinking coffee shop in a formerly little-used space behind the noodle house. Among Reign Drink Lab’s libations is the Dark & Stormy, nitro-poured cold brew layered with a shot of Vietnamese iced coffee and sweetened sea salt cream. Get there early on a Sunday to also catch creative doughnuts from the pop-up Lionheart Confections.

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