By Eric Twardzik
Cafe Madeleine

In Boston we’re blessed with world-class pastry chefs who channel their expertise into elevating something seemingly simple: the cookie. They may not have been baked with love by mom, but the best cookies in Boston are so satisfying that you’ll never know the difference.

A West Cambridge companion to Oleana and Sarma, Sofra is Ana Sortun’s tribute to the baked goods of Turkey, Lebanon, and Greece. While savory dishes from Shakshuka to Lamb Shawarma draw crowds, make sure you leave some room for pastry chef Maura Kilpatrick’s impressive creations, which include a dark, sweet Molasses cookie and a powdered sugar-covered Earthquake cookie that matches a soft, crumbly texture to a rich and intense chocolate flavor.

Brookline’s Clear Flour Bread may have made its name on crispy French baguettes and challah, but the same old-world techniques that make their breads destination-worthy apply to the cookies, too. We’re partial to classics like the Coconut Macaroon and a seasonal Molasses Spice that tastes exactly like autumn should.

No offense to the crave-worthy croissants, but those flaky French pastries aren’t the only reason to visit Cafe Madeleine. Return to this shoebox-sized South End cafe for the cookie selection, including perfect takes on chocolate chip and double chocolate. Stick around and pair either with a frothy cappuccino.

Interior of Flour Bakery + Cafe

With eight locations now sprinkled throughout the city, it’s never been easier to snag a treat from Flour Bakery + Cafe, Joanne Chang’s baked-goods mecca. While over a dozen cookie varieties are served, we find ourselves returning to the comfortingly familiar Oatmeal Raisin again and again. For an extra hit of delicious nostalgia, order yourself a house-made Oreo with vanilla filling sandwiched between two dark chocolate cookie disks.

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