Where to Order the Best Fish Tacos in Boston

By Jacqueline Cain
Credit: Chris McIntosh

For as long as humans have been fishing and stone-grinding corn, they’ve been enjoying fish tacos. Maybe Boston wasn't there for those early days, but any idea that you still can't find good Mexican cuisine here is an outdated one. Whether you’re hungry for classic Baja-style fried fish tacos made with local catch or grilled seafood enhanced with seasonings and salsas, delicious options abound in this coastal city. Here’s where to go for the best fish tacos in Boston.

one of the best fish tacos from Lone Star
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

This Texas-inspired tacos-and-tequila bar has two locations in Allston and Cambridge and two varieties of fish tacos always on the menu. Baja Fried Fish supplies the classic crunch of battered fish, matching local whitefish in a tangy, beer-soaked coating with pickled cabbage and mango-habanero aioli. Veracruz Fish features spice-rubbed grilled perch accented with a creamy avocado crema, smoky salsa quemada, and the refreshing crunch of cabbage. Can’t decide which sounds more delicious? You don’t have to choose. All of Lone Star’s excellent tacos are available all day, every day, from brunch straight on through late-night.

top view of one of the best fish tacos from La Victoria Taqueria

The loaded tacos at this suburban standout are a hidden gem in the Boston area. Head to one of La Victoria Taqueria’s takeout-focused spots in Arlington, Belmont, or Beverly to taste for yourself a light and satisfying take on Fish Tacos. Well-seasoned seafood is baked, not fried, and generously fills a tortilla with a colorful combination of toppings. Radish, onions, cilantro, cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo, and salsa verde sing together in every bite of these destination-worthy fish tacos. 

Exterior of Taqueria Jalisco | Where to Find the Best Tacos in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Many have said that Taqueria Jalisco makes the best tacos in Boston. Simply prepared and served with a selection of house-made salsas on the side, this Eastie spot certainly serves some of our favorites. Among them are authentic Tacos de Pescado: corn tortillas full of grilled tilapia, chopped cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. The mild fish is the perfect vehicle for Jalisco’s tempting condiments such as the verdant-green avocado sauce, the zesty tomatillo salsa, and smoky-red chile sauce. Order up a three-taco combination plate, which also comes with sides of rice and beans, to try them all.


Cusser’s one of the best fish tacos in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

The nostalgic and summery menu at Cusser’s features flavors familiar to anybody who grew up going to a snack shack in New England, from buttery lobster rolls to a Roast Beef Three-Way. Fish Tacos may be a Mexican invention, but Cusser’s makes the dish its own with super-fresh local whitefish in a crispy, craveable beer batter. The crunchy fillets arrive on double-stacked corn tortillas with bright pickled onions, slaw, and a drizzle of Thoreau sauce (spicy aioli). Find these fish tacos from stalls inside Time Out Market and Hub Hall, as well as at Cusser’s casual bar in Back Bay, where you can match it with experimental cocktails by bartender Todd Maul every Wednesday through Saturday night.

people dining at Angela’s Cafe | Where to Find the Best Enchiladas in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Angela’s Cafe is popular enough to fill two East Boston storefronts—in  Eagle Hill and Orient Heights—with much more than typical Mexican restaurant fare. Angela’s continues its late namesake’s legacy of serving authentic cuisine originating from the country’s Puebla region, from Mole Poblano to Pipian Verde, an entree named for its distinctive green sauce. There are enchiladas, fortifying chilaquiles, and enticing seafood dishes aplenty. That said, Angela’s offers seriously awesome tacos that we can never resist ordering. Served on doubled-up homemade corn tortillas, we love the Tacos de Tilapia with fresh fish fillet, avocado, and creamy chipotle sauce; as well as the Al Pastor and Shrimp Tacos, too.

Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

We usually opt for corn tortillas when it comes to our tacos, but we’re here to tell you that flour is the move at Taqueria el Barrio. Helmed by Bisq alumni Servio Garcia and chef Alex Saenz, the taco shop inside Time Out Market presses the best flour tortillas we’ve ever tried. These small but sturdy rounds hold together deliciously around ample toppings like plump pieces of fried mahi mahi with cabbage, pico de gallo, and chipotle mayo. (Taqueria el Barrio’s Fish Tacos are not available on the menu available from the food truck at Trillium Brewing’s beer garden on Boston Common.) Besides from the food-hall counter in the Fenway, look for Taqueria el Barrio Tortillas for sale at Formaggio Kitchen and other local gourmet shops.

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