The Shop

This spot’s rustic façade belies its contemporary approach to coffee.

By Bethany Graber

This petite coffee oasis at the top of Wickenden Street takes the task of caffeinating and caring for its patrons very seriously. Rustic wood floors and tables, along with food served on wooden boards, create a hospitable, country kitchen atmosphere. Though the space is small, there are plenty of snug corners to tuck into. The Shop offers a rotating selection of single-origin coffees as well as nitro cold brew on tap, a variety of loose-leaf teas, and—like any good coffee shop—a small menu of things to nibble on.

The Shop

460 Wickenden Street, Providence, RI

  • Insider Tip

The Shop is just around the corner from PVDonuts, which often has wild lines on the weekends. Best to stop into The Shop for some drinkable fortitude before braving that queue.

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