The Avery

Libations in a dark and beautiful haven.

By Bethany Graber

With its residential exterior, lack of signage, and darkened windows; this beloved West Side cocktail bar hides in plain sight to maintain a speakeasy allure. The interior is so dimly lit you may not notice the intricately carved wooden walls, particularly the ladies-in-the-buff presiding over the bar. Getting a fierce drink and little conversation from the bartender is all part of the ambiance, which—paired with the mood lighting and general aura—makes this an ideal spot for intimate dates and pre-dinner libations.

The Avery

18 Luongo Square, Providence, RI

  • Insider Tip

The beautiful interior design of The Avery is almost as much of a draw as the cocktails. It was conceived by Rhode Island designer Kyla Coburn, whose amazing and varied work is displayed in numerous bars and restaurants across the city.

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