Stay Cool with Five Easy Frozen Drink Recipes from Boston Bartenders

Frose - Frenchie
By Eric Twardzik · 07/20/2021

Nothing hits the spot like a frosty, blended cocktail when temperatures spike. Wary of the pricey hangover bait served by party bars and package resorts? Don’t worry; we can help. Here’s a collection of frozen drink recipes from Boston bars and restaurants, running the gamut from boozy milkshakes to spiked granitas and naturally, frosé. Stay cool and go get the blender.

Xinomavro Granita
Greek fast-casual joint GreCo expanded its Mediterranean focus to include granitas, a type of sweet, semi-frozen drink traditionally served in Sicily. The Hellenic touch comes through the addition of Greek red wine and Metaxa brandy. Blended with fruit juices, simple syrup, and frozen berries, it’s a spirited but refreshing drink.

Banana Hammock
A blended drink made with a ripe banana, coconut cream, and vanilla and banana ice creams sounds good enough, but Highland Fried takes the irreverently named concoction in an adult direction with the addition of dark rum and banana and coffee liqueurs. This shake’s gloriously rich and creamy nature makes sense once you realize it was designed to counter the restaurant’s ferocious Nashville Hot Chicken.

Photo credit: Toro

Yes, this name is a mishmash of “frozen” and “mezcal,” but there’s more to Toro’s heat-wave patio crusher than clever wordplay. The Frezcal refreshes with cold-steeped mint tea and passion fruit purée, which do more than stand up to its ounce-and-a-half of mezcal and a touch of triple sec.

Malted Brandy Alexander
Many frozen drinks work as sweet, easy-delivery devices for alcohol, but not the Malted Brandy Alexander from Mamaleh’s. Though it may be built with whole milk, malt powder, and three scoops of vanilla ice cream, you’re meant to taste the high-quality Cognac and chocolate liqueur that turn it 21-plus. Try swapping in soymilk and a locally made FoMu coconut-based ice cream option to make it dairy-free.

Frozen. Rosé. What more can we say? How about, how easy this new summertime staple is to replicate at home. That’s true thanks to this recipe from South End wine bar Frenchie. Their not-so-secret-ingredient is a touch of raspberry liqueur.

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