Frosé · Frenchie

Frose - Frenchie
By Eric Twardzik · 08/29/2019

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still ample time to enjoy one of its simple pleasures: frosé. And there are few better places do so than at Frenchie in the South End.

“The idea came from a typical summer drink we have in France called rosé pamplemousse, a mix of rosé wine and grapefruit juice to keep people fresh during summer,” says Frenchie owner Sandrine Rossi.

Rossi turned this traditional drink into Frenchie’s Frosé by adding vodka and raspberry liqueur (crème de framboise) to the wine and grapefruit juice before freezing the blend for six hours. While it doesn’t solidify completely due to its alcohol content, the mixture freezes enough so that it can reach a slushy consistency when added to a blender.

While it’s not necessary to reach for a top-shelf liquor when making your Frosé, you should be picky about the wine; Rossi recommends a fruity, off-dry rosé.

The final ice-cold outcome is tart thanks to the grapefruit and fruity from the crème de framboise. It’s a satisfying sip—but for an even easier fix you can always take the traditional route.

“If you feel like going completely French, you can just as well mix a bottle of rosé with the juice of one grapefruit. Everything is possible!” Rossi says.

Frosé (yields about 1½ liters)
1 bottle rosé

5½ ounces crème de framboise
5½ ounces vodka
6 ounces fresh grapefruit juice

Combine all ingredients in a container, seal, and store in a freezer for at least six hours. Add mixture to a blender and blend until it reaches a slushy consistency. Serve in a chilled wine glass.

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