Malted Brandy Alexander · Mamaleh's Delicatessen

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By Eric Twardzik · 07/13/2018

Peak-summer heat is the perfect excuse to partake in the double indulgence of a boozy milkshake. And while many bars are content to let the ice cream do the talking, you’ll find a spiked shake with a character of its own at the Jewish restaurant Mamaleh’s in Kendall Square, where a Malted Brandy Alexander serves as part of the bar’s dedicated milkshake menu.

“This is our soda fountain, boozy version of a classic cocktail,” says bar manager Evan Harrison. The original Brandy Alexander was made with cognac, crème de cacao, cream, and fresh-grated nutmeg. Harrison’s version includes all those ingredients, plus three scoops of vanilla ice cream and a bit of malt powder for a slightly chalky texture (think the inside of a Whoppers candy).

While the concoction is undoubtedly sweet, the ice cream doesn’t outshine the spirit. You can still taste the dark richness of the cognac, which is enhanced by the chewy depth of the malt powder. It’s about the closest a milkshake can get to being a slow-sipper—taking your time might help you avoid a brain freeze, too.

Mamaleh’s offers a dairy-free version, which can easily be made at home too: Just swap out the whole milk for soy and use FoMu’s coconut-based vanilla bean ice cream.

Malted Brandy Alexander
1 ounce Pierre Ferrand Cognac 1840 Original Formula
¾ ounce Marie Brizard Crème de Cacao
1 ounce whole milk
7 ounces (about 3 scoops) vanilla ice cream
1 tablespoon malt powder
Whipped cream, nutmeg, and cherry, for garnish

Add all ingredients (except for garnishes) to blender and blend on low for a minute, then high for thirty seconds. Pour into a soda fountain glass and garnish with whipped cream, cherry, and fresh-grated nutmeg.

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