Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

Cash us outside with a Hobo brew.

Alex Williams
By Molly McDonough · 09/06/2018

When Daniel Lanigan, owner of beloved Cambridge craft beer bar Lord Hobo, decided to launch his own IPA-focused brewery, he did not mess around: He settled on an enormous 47,000-square-foot rustic warehouse in Woburn, capable of churning out 10,000 barrels (that’s 315,000 gallons) of beer every year.

Seems like a lot? Remember that Lord Hobo makes Boom Sauce, the ubiquitous high-ABV quaff you’ve seen cans of all over New England, beloved for its blast of hops at first sip, followed by juicy citrus and sweet biscuity malt. And then there’s Hobo Life, Lord Hobo’s milder staple that yields a lemony lead and nice smack of piney hops. The brewery’s relaxed taproom in Woburn—offering free sample sips, giant Jenga, and eatery popups—makes a veritable pilgrimage destination for hopheads, any day of the week.


Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

  • Insider Tip

Don’t be surprised if you make a furry friend while getting your afternoon buzz on—the brewery’s own dog, Boss, tends to chill on-site. Feel free to bring your own canine, too.

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