GrandTen Distilling

Seek out still-to-glass spirits at GrandTen.

By Molly McDonough · 09/13/2018

Cousins Matt Nuernberger and Spencer McMinn opened this distillery out of a former iron foundry in Dorchester with their first gin. But it wasn’t just any gin: It was an American gin. What’s the difference? Well, for those who can’t stomach the Christmas tree vibes of the London dry version, American gins—which go easy on the juniper—offer a more balanced flavor that allows other botanicals to shine. Since the successful release of Wire Works American Gin in 2012, GrandTen has expanded its repertoire into whiskey, vodka, rum, and a lineup of creative cordials (think: almond liqueur, botanical liqueur, and a cranberry-infused white rum-based liqueur aged in cabernet barrels).

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, GrandTen rolled out its on-site bar in the summer of 2016. The spot features a still-to-glass cocktail program, each drink entirely composed of house-made ingredients (including tinctures, syrups, and shrubs). Visit on a weekend for a free tour of the distillery, or stop by for the weekly Friday Night Flight program to learn about mixology and taste limited-edition spirits.

GrandTen Distilling

  • Insider Tip

Bought a bottle but need some guidance? GrandTen’s website has an entire section devoted to cocktail recipes that utilize their signature spirits.

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