Short Path Distillery

You don’t have to travel far for these local twists on classic spirits.

By Molly McDonough · 09/15/2018

“Our unofficial motto here is ‘Don’t be afraid of flavor,’” says Short Path Distillery co-founder Zachary Robinson. A former organic chemist who spent his time in the pharmaceutical industry distilling in laboratories for purification, Robinson and his team take that philosophy to the molecular level. The company’s spirits are distilled in a pot still, a technique that results in a shorter path between where the wash evaporates and condenses, deepening flavor complexity—and the recipes for the company’s spirits have been tweaked based on how compatible different flavor molecules are with one another.

Taste the results of this science experiment—a flagship lineup that includes Gin, White Rum, Gold Rum, Ouzo, Amaro, and Triple Sec, plus rotating seasonal offerings—out of their headquarters in a former rubber factory in Everett. The cocktail menu here, which rotates frequently and offers weekly specials, is peppered with potent and inventive selections featuring house-made bitters and syrups plus fresh-pressed juices. Sip your selection alongside your BYOF picnic or delivery, and keep your eyes peeled for events throughout the week, like spin classes or bagel-and-Bloody-Mary brunches.

Short Path Distillery

  • Insider Tip

If you’ll be taking a tour, arrive 15 minutes ahead of time to order a drink you can bring along with you.

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