Where to Get Boston’s Best Takeout Sushi

By Eric Twardzik
Momi Nomni sushi | Best Restaurants in Inman Square
Momi Nonmi · Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Whether you’re capping off a busy weeknight with a spicy tuna combo or making Saturday special with an at-home omakase, sushi is a takeout favorite. Consider these Boston sushi restaurants for your next takeout or delivery order.

Cafe Sushi - Best Takeout Sushi in Boston

While we miss having counter-side seats at Cafe Sushi, ordering delivery of their signature maki and in-season nigiri is also an extra-special treat. Everyday combos like 13-piece Sushi Dinners with delicately garnished Chef’s Choice nigiri, a Spicy Tuna Roll, and house-aged soy sauce offer plenty of bang for your buck, and make sure to check Instagram for specials. Adding on options for sake to-go makes for a wonderful evening. Open Tuesday through Saturday, lunch is takeout-only, while dinner can also be delivered via third-party app. Cafe Sushi is also working on a grab-and-go store next door to offer sushi bento boxes, Japanese snacks, and sake. Stay tuned for news about Cafe Sushi Shoten opening in Cambridge; in the meantime, check it out on Thursdays at The Koji Club in Brighton.

Ebi Sushi

Ebi Sushi | Where to Go for the Best Sushi in Boston

Sometimes you just want takeout sushi that doesn’t break the bank and can be comfortably eaten from the couch while you line up your next Netflix queue. That description fits Ebi Sushi, a Somerville favorite for everyday maki, a la carte nigiri and sashimi, and Japanese cuisine. House creations like the Somerville Roll, filled with sweet and spicy sesame tuna tartare with tempura flakes, shiso, and scallion, are picture-perfect and properly proportioned. In 2021, the Union Square institution unveiled substantial interior renovations, and it’s true that a table-sized boat of sushi can’t be beat. But Ebi’s takeout and delivery game is stronger than ever, and on some nights, it’s just right.

Gogo Ya

Gogo Ya | Best Takeout Sushi in Boston

O Ya founders Tim and Nancy Cushman launched this project with torched Sushi Tacos in crispy seaweed shells. Now a full-fledged restaurant stall inside Time Out Market, Gogo Ya‘s menu has grown from simply those signature Crispy Nori Sushi Tacos to include classic maki with a twist, traditional nigiri and sashimi, and a Bento Bowls over brown or sushi rice, including a vegetarian option. (Not to mention, a Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookie we simply cannot resist.) This team’s sushi always satisfies, whether it’s our much-anticipated biannual splurge at O Ya or more casual cuisine like this. Gogo Ya is great at home, or to bring into the Trillium Fenway taproom next door.

Umami Omakase

Umami Omakase sushi | Where to Experience the Best Omakase in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

True to its name, Umami Omakase specializes in set menus, though the Cambridge destination also offers a la carte options for takeout. Since opening in late 2019, we’ve learned that even at home, sushi lovers are well-served by the chef’s choices. A number of omakase combinations are packed with premium, seasonal slices of seafood; plus a la carte options ranging from miso soup to luxurious bites of nigiri, like Wagyu Foie Gras and King Crab; to sake. Beyond straight sushi, there are also Shokadu Bento boxes and Donburi with unagi, uni, and more.

Laughing Monk Cafe

Laughing Monk Cafe
Credit: Chris McIntosh

A sushi restaurant in a college neighborhood, which also serves Thai food and uses brown rice instead of white? We’ll admit we were once kinda skeptical about Laughing Monk Cafe, too. But since 2017, this Mission Hill restaurant—led by an O Ya alum—has earned deserved acclaim for its colorful, creative take on sushi, which tops whole-grain rice with thinly sliced fish and gorgeous garnishes. Laughing Monk always leaned into takeout and delivery, and has only upped the ante in recent years with omakase boxes to-go—equipped with droppers of bespoke sauces for each bite—and even guest-chef dinners at home. Laughing Monk recently expanded into the suburbs with a new Wellesley location, too.

Momi Nonmi

Momi Nomni - Best Takeout Sushi in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

To experience Momi Nonmi’s omakase ambitions, you can either make a reservation or plan ahead for at-home enjoyment. Chef Chris Chung’s tiny restaurant offers a chef’s-choice menu for dining in, plus a takeout menu of a la carte options. Preordering is required for omakase takeout of 10-, 18, or pieces for two to share, plus oft-changing special items (see the link on Instagram). You can also call between 3-5 p.m. the night you’d like to feast to order sushi a la carte and Hawaiian-influenced Japanese dishes like Onigiri and Chirashi bowls full of seafood fresh from the world’s best markets. The Inman Square spot also boasts a stellar sake program with reserve bottles available for takeout.

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