Where to Get Boston’s Best Sushi To-Go

By Eric Twardzik
Momi Nonmi

Sushi is always a takeout favorite, and the realities of 2020 have seen even the highest-end restaurants enter the pick-up and delivery game. Whether you’re capping off a weeknight with a spicy tuna combo or making Saturday special with an at-home omakase, consider these Boston sushi purveyors for your next takeout order.

Cambridge’s Cafe Sushi is playing the greatest hits for its takeout and delivery menu, offering everything from classic maki to a Chef’s Sampler that includes five pieces of delicately garnished, in-season nigiri and a side of house-aged soy sauce. While everyday combos like a Sushi Dinner with seven pieces of chef’s choice nigiri and a Spicy Tuna Roll provide plenty of bang for your buck, check their Instagram for daily changing platter specials. The restaurant is currently open for both takeout and delivery.

At haute izakaya spot Uni, you can indulge in a Negi Toro (minced fatty tuna) roll with scallions and shallots, or a freshwater eel nigiri crowned with mushroom crema and foie gras kabayaki sauce. The Spicy Tuna roll is kicked up with rocoto, a pepper native to South America, while yellowtail nigiri come garnished by pickled chilis. You could take your time mulling over these a la carte choices, or simply settle on a Chef’s Choice omakase. Either way, it’s all available for both takeout and delivery.

Momi Nonmi

2020 hasn’t put an end to Momi Nonmi’s omakase ambitions. Each week the Japanese-Hawaiian spot offers a variety of takeout omakase options that must be ordered a day in advance by calling the restaurant. The menu—accessible through a link on Momi Nonmi’s Instagram page—changes weekly, but is likely to feature omakase options in different sizes or themes (like a recent Toro Tasting), as well as hand rolls and sashimi platters. It’s available for dine-in or takeout.

Ebi Sushi

Sometimes you just want sushi that’s a little bit Americanized, doesn’t break the bank, and can be comfortably eaten from the couch while you line up your next Netflix watch. That description fits Ebi Sushi to a T. The Somerville favorite provides your typical maki, a la carte nigiri and sashimi, and comforting house creations like the Somerville Roll (sweet and spicy sesame tuna tartare with tempura flakes, shiso, and scallion), all at affordable prices. The Union Square spot is open for takeout and delivery.

Gogo Ya

Gogo Ya, a Tim and Nancy Cushman project selling torched sushi “tacos” in crispy nori shells, originally opened at Time Out Market but has since returned as a pop-up at O Ya. In addition to those Crispy Nori Sushi Tacos—which include selections like Spicy Torched Hamachi with truffled jalapeño butter and scallions, or a Spicy Tuna with ponzu mayo and cucumber daikon slaw—the reborn Gogo Ya is also selling inventive maki rolls and more traditional nigiri and sashimi. Also of note: an excellent selection of sake plucked from the O Ya archives. Available for takeout and delivery.

Umami Omakase

True to its name, Umami Omakase only offers sushi via a set chef’s choice menu—and the realities of 2020 haven’t changed that. The Traditional Omakase includes a dozen pieces of chef’s choice nigiri and miso soup, while a Mini Omakase features nine pieces of seasonal nigiri with toppings, plus one makimono roll, miso soup, and an appetizer. Either option can be fortified with extra pieces of nigiri: The a la carte selection features Wagyu foie gras, king crab, and other indulgent choices. For something besides omakase, look to the restaurant’s Shokadu Bento or donburi options, including Unagi Don, Uni and Ikura Don, and more.

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