Where to Get Boston’s Best French Fries To-Go

By Eric Twardzik
Saus Bow Market

Like any college town, Boston loves its French fries. But we treat deep-fried potatoes better than a late-night beer sponge. From decadent fries cooked in duck fat to top-notch poutines and beyond, here’s where to go for a plate of fries to-go that are worth every bite.

Duck Fat Fries. Need we say more? Actually, we do: At Shojo, they come sprinkled with scallions and can be dunked in a side of Sriracha aioli. The more ambitious among us can order them as Shadowless Fries, a Shojo-ified twist on poutine that involves covering fries in a chili oil-based “Spicy Lady Sauce” and a spicy-cheesy concoction lovingly dubbed “Kimcheese.” Place your order online between Sunday and Wednesday afternoon for pickup the following Saturday.

Shy Bird

The rotisserie restaurant—now open for takeout as well as outdoor and indoor dining—dresses its shoestring fries with salt, rosemary, and a touch of black pepper. Though simple, these garnishes take Shy Bird’s crispy fries to the next level. Scratch a childhood itch by ordering them alongside the SB Dunks, buttermilk-brined bites of fried chicken that together form a much happier kind of meal. (For the full experience, proceed to slather everything in one of the Dunks’ dipping sauces, which include honey mustard and pecorino ranch.)


Imagine the most perfect order of McDonald’s fries you’ve ever had, but better. The thinly sliced shoestring Fries at Hojoko—which is now open for takeout, delivery, and open-air dining—are the result of painstaking research by owners Tim and Nancy Cushman, who tested 25 different varieties before landing on their ideal fry.

Many restaurants serve a great fry, but few restaurants are built around fries alone. Saus is a glorious exception; their Boston and Bow Market locations serve hefty, twice-fried spuds inspired by the snack stands of Belgium and Holland. And like its European counterparts, Saus encourages dipping: Each location serves over a dozen scratch-made sauces, ranging from roasted garlic mayo to hot beer mustard. The Bow Market location is entirely vegetarian, and many of its sauces are vegan, too.

In keeping with the general vibe at Trina’s Starlite Lounge, the thinly sliced Hand Cut Fries served at the Inman Square restaurant are simple, satisfying, and not afraid to get a little indulgent. Dial up the latter factor by ordering yours smothered in chili, cheese, or both. Trina’s is open for takeout and delivery, plus first-come-first-served patio seating. You can also stroll up to Trina’s Snack Shack, a takeout window at Parlor Sports next door, for quick side of fries to-go.

Vincent's Corner Grocery

Vincent’s Corner Grocery, the takeaway concept that has replaced Café du Pays during the COVID-19 era, still offers one of the Québécois restaurant’s signature treats. Its classic Poutine smothers hand-cut fries with cheese curds and beef and chicken gravy—no extra bells or whistles needed. And if you aren’t in a poutine mood, you can always opt for fries alone as a “light” option.

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