Find Comfort at the Best Places for Chicken Soup in Boston

By Eric Twardzik

There’s nothing quite as universally comforting as a bowl of chicken soup. During Boston’s many chilly months or cold season, a bowlful of chicken soup can be the nourishing remedy the entire family can get behind. Boston has plenty of places serving chicken soup—from a classic rendition with rich bone broth to steaming Vietnamese Pho Ga, here’s a curated selection of the best chicken soup in Boston.

Soup Shack - Where to Find the Best Pho in Boston

An excellent menu choice from Asian soup specialists Soup Shack—which has locations in Jamaica Plain, Cambridge, and Brookline—is the chicken-based Pho Ga. In contrast to the beefy broths more commonly used in the Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho Ga is based on an aromatic chicken broth, topped with tender strips of shredded chicken. In typical style, bean sprouts, basil leaves, and lime wedges are served alongside to provide extra flavor and texture.

New England Soup Factory & Modern Rotisserie

This Newton business offers two warming chicken soups for your enjoyment. Chicken Vegetable stands out among New England Soup Factory recipes with a rich, comforting broth and an abundance of sliced carrots. Meanwhile, the Chicken Pot Pie straddles the soup/pie dividing line by piling chicken, potatoes, pearl onion, green peas, and carrots into a puff pastry.

Mamaleh’s - Where to Buy the Best Pies in Boston

Sure, the stars of Mamaleh’s Matzah Ball Soup may be the fist-sized matzo dumplings, but they’re plump with chicken schmaltz and swimming in a 12-hour chicken broth. In a genius move, the Jewish deli only adds sliced carrots and celery at the end of the cooking process so that the vegetables remain crisp and snappy. While the soup is available hot by the cup, bowl, or quart at Mamaleh’s Cambridge and Brookline locations, you can also pick up a frozen quart to reheat later.

Credit: Hannah Pittel

“Where there are rotisserie chickens, there will be rotisserie chicken soup,” isn’t a real saying, but it does apply at Branch Line in Watertown. The poultry-centric restaurant’s lunch and brunch menus feature Rotisserie Chicken Soup, with the signature roast chicken amping up a savory parmesan broth seasoned with oregano and lightened by lemon. Should you really fall in love, you can always take a quart home.

Angela’s Cafe | Where to Find the Best Enchiladas in Boston
Credit: Brian Samuels Photography

Both the Eagle Hill and Orient Height locations of Angela’s Café serve a warming Sopa de Pozole. Lightly savory and acid-bright, the traditional stew combines tender kernels of hominy and shredded chicken, while thinly sliced radish, lettuce, and onion provide a satisfying crunch. Crispy corn tortillas topped by refried beans and queso fresco are served on the side (yes, dip them) along with limes and a small dish of chili powder to add extra heat.


The Funky Chicken Ramen at Hojoko may not fit the classic definition of chicken soup but hear us out: It’s all about the rich chicken broth full of noodles. The soup itself is made from chicken backs, wings, and feet, further seasoned with burnt garlic and tare for an umami hit. It’s topped with koji-marinated chicken cooked over binchotan coals. The last chicken-related element is a soft-boiled soy egg that’s been cured for 24 hours in a blend of soy, mirin, ginger, garlic, and onions.

El Oriental de Cuba

Simply called Chicken Soup, the menu belies the soul-warming nature of the homestyle version from El Oriental de Cuba. Made daily at the Jamaica Plain classic, it’s loaded with thin noodles, chunks of root vegetables, and bone-in chicken thighs that are falling apart in the culantro-brightened broth. Order a bowl of this chicken noodle soup alongside homemade empanadas, Fried Plantains, or a Cuban sandwich for dine-in or takeout, or opt for “large” to bring home a quart.

Move over, Campbell’s. Khao Soi with chicken from Dakzen, a traditional specialty of northern Thailand and a signature at this Somerville shop, is a bowl of noodle soup like none other (and at $9, barely pricier). Shredded chicken, aromatics, and fried egg noodles gild the bright coconut curry, which is also loaded with slurpable noodles. The slightly spicy, sweet soup is as creamy and tangy as its toppings are savory and crunchy.

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