Lauded Asian-New England fusion fare for the adventurous diner.

By Jenna Pelletier

Chef-owner James Mark has long used words like “kinda” and “weird” to describe his style of cooking, and the warning “please don’t call us chef” is part of the restaurant’s Twitter bio. It’s an indication that North is no ordinary restaurant—it’s one of Providence’s most exciting places to eat. You never quite know what flavor combinations the kitchen will come up with next, but they often involve the freshest New England ingredients mashed up with Asian flavors and cooking techniques. The OG favorites here are a good place to start: Tiny Ham Biscuits, Dan Dan Noodles with squid and mutton, and Hot Flavor Sesame Noodles. But don’t stop there. Dishes are meant for sharing, so order away and feel good about it, knowing that Mark makes a point to provide a fair working environment and benefits for his staff and donates a portion of earnings from every dish to a Rhode Island hunger-relief charity.

seafood served at North
top view of food served in North


122 Fountain Street, Providence, RI

  • Must Have

Hot Flavor Sesame Noodles

Heat and sweet are in perfect harmony in this dish, packed with pickled kale, charred broccoli, and—surprise—crunchy sesame brittle.

  • Insider Tip

For a more intimate dining experience, try Mark’s latest restaurant, Big King, in the small former home of North. These days, it’s where you’ll most often find him in the kitchen.

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