Tomgirl Kitchen

A juice bar stocked with elixirs you never knew you needed.

By Molly McDonough

You’ll feel healthier the moment you step into this spot. A crystal collection emanates positive energy. A pile of adult coloring books beckons. And those white and marble surfaces bring out the striking color of Tomgirl’s organic juices, smoothies, and snacks. A fridge full of grab-and-go juices in Mason jars promises a rainbow of remedies: an anti-inflammatory Peruvian Ginger Maple Limeade; a high-fiber Homestyle Strawberry Grapefruit; a liver-cleansing Beet Apple Lime & Cayenne. If you’re craving something substantial and green, try the Kale Spirulina smoothie made with pineapple, citrus fruits, sprouted cashews, fresh ginger, and sea salt. If you’re leaning pink, there’s the Beauty Berry, a strawberry-mango smoothie with hemp seeds, Ashwagandha, and Brazilian Camu Camu. You knew there was going to be juice bar stocked with unpronounceable hippie-chic ingredients in Burlington—this is it.

Tomgirl Kitchen

266 Pine Street, Burlington, VT

  • Insider Tip

If you just want to sample or snag a quick dose of vitamins, Tomgirl will make any of its juices in an eight-ounce mini size for $6 to $7.

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