CO Cellars

This Shacksbury-Zafa tasting room collab blurs the line between boozes.

By Molly McDonough

There’s ample creativity brewing in Burlington’s South End these days—and a lot of it is fermented. At the Soda Plant, a new hub for fledgling businesses in the city’s arts district, you’ll be drawn to this dark room filled with glass tubs of colorful bubbling concoctions. Be brave and step in for a sip. You’re in CO Cellars, a collaboration between Shacksbury Cider and Zafa Wines. The former is a Vergennes, VT-based business known for turning out some of the state’s best hard ciders. The latter, run by farmer Krista Scruggs, grows grapes and forages apples, eschewing the term “winery” in favor of “just fucking fermented juice.” Blending the line between natural wine and cider with echoes of ‘booch, the drinks here just might be the future of booze.

CO Cellars

266 Pine Street Suite 112 Burlington, VT

  • Insider Tip

Check the website or their Facebook page for the lowdown on repeat events like “Hot Cheez Thursday,” during which homemade queso is served alongside chips and fermented veggies from Pitchfork Farm, the pickling shop just a few doors down.

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