Pizzeria Ida

Slow fermentation and top-notch ingredients make these pies impossibly #dank.

By Molly McDonough

Have you ever found yourself deep in an Instagram hole perusing beauty shots of fermenting pizza dough? We have, and those close-up views of Ida Pizzeria’s slowly-expanding dough bubbles have haunted us (in the best way) since. That’s because we know what they’re destined to become when they exit the 900-degree wood-fired oven: singed-to a crisp, airy pizzas topped with San Marzano tomato sauce and whatever’s freshest from local farms.

Pizzeria Ida keeps the focus firmly on the food. The centerpiece here is the beautiful tiled blue oven, imported from Naples, and the pies—in Neapolitan or Sicilian style—that emerge from it. Service is at the counter, the menu is pared down, and it’s BYOB. But this is slow food at its finest: dough ferments for days, Parm is aged 30 months, and the tracks on the omnipresent Grateful Dead soundtrack never seem to end. Ida is the kind of place that feels like it could only exist in Vermont, and we are here for it.

Pizzeria Ida

622 Riverside Ave, Burlington, VT

  • Must Have

Square Pie

Nothing sums up this pie better than Ida’s recent IG caption: “Inspired by every NJ Pizzeria we ate at growing up, except jacked up and made #dank.” Sold only by the full pizza, get whatever flavor’s available and take the rest home—you won’t regret it tomorrow.

  • Insider Tip

Need a heady bottle of BYOB wine? Stop by Dedalus Wine Shop, Market & Wine Bar for some natural wine on your way here. (It’s on the other side of town, but its bottles are the best match for Ida’s pies).

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