Myer’s Bagels

Discover Montreal-style bagels in Burlington.

By Molly McDonough

If you’ve ever visited iconic St-Viateur Bagel in Montreal, the backdrop at Myer’s will look familiar: a flaming wood-fired oven and a metal bin holding a mountain of steaming-hot, doughy rounds. And it’s no coincidence; Founder Lloyd Squires baked at that Montreal institution for 15 years before launching his own south-of-the-border bagel biz. He even named it after Myer Lewkowicz, the founder of St-Viateur.

For the uninitiated, Montreal bagels are made differently than the more familiar New York-style. Instead of being machine-rolled and boiled in water before they’re baked in a gas oven, Montreal bagels are hand rolled, boiled in honey water, and baked in a wood fired oven. The result is a thinner round that’s denser and chewer, with a hint of sweetness. In Montreal, you’ll almost always find them with a dusting of poppy seeds or sesame. But Myer’s caters to all tastes, with flavors ranging from Everything to Maple to Montreal Spice. Stop by the bustling counter-service spot on the outskirts of town for a bagel slathered in schmear or one of Squires’ many creative bagel sandwiches.

Myer’s Bagels

377 Pine Street, Burlington, VT

  • Must Have

Bagel with Lox

The sweetness of a Montreal bagel (preferably sesame!) adds a new layer to the smoky classic combo, made with primo lox from Maine

  • Insider Tip

Myer’s opens at 4 a.m., so swing by after a late night on the town or at the start of a very early morning to sample piping-hot bagels at their peak.

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