Four Corners of the Earth

A quirky cash-only sandwich shop offers a world of flavors.

By Molly McDonough

In a subterranean den on the outskirts of town, a Slovakian sandwich artist with a cult following crafts the city’s best sandwiches. A warning before you go: This is no grab-and-go situation. Owner Ladislav Pancisin painstakingly layers ingredients one at a time before toasting each sandwich in a panini press until the bread is just tawny and crisp. While you wait, sip a draft beer and admire the eclectic collection of artwork plastering the walls of the tiny space.

Also, don’t expect a list of endlessly customizable ingredients. Instead you’ll find dozens of sandwich names yielding little hint of their contents, aside from a primary ingredient and a geographic reference point. Better to trust Pancisin than to ask what’s inside, because you can’t really go wrong. But as experienced Four Corners globetrotters, we can enthusiastically recommend the Russian Salmon, Iraqi Turkey, Korean Kimchi, and Lebanese Lamb. Go with an open mind and expect to be surprised.

Four Corners of the Earth

310 Pine St, Burlington, VT

  • Must Have

Iraqi Turkey

This crowd-pleasing, saucy mix of spiced turkey, mayo, Vidalia onion, pickles, and cheddar rendered soft from a gentle grilling is everything a sandwich should be.

  • Insider Tip

If you really must know what will be in your sandwich, there’s a list of ingredients for most menu items on Four Corners’ website. On the other hand, if you’re feeling very trusting (and indecisive), just ask Pancisin to make you something off-menu—it will be good.

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