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By Amy Fukuizumi · 11/26/2016    South End · Asian Fusion · $$

In a city known for its classic Italian and seemingly endless supply of seafood restaurants, you might fear that funky, Asian-inspired street food is worlds away. Turns out you only need to go as far as the South End.

Down the street from her award-winning Flour Bakery + Cafe, chef-owner Joanne Chang offers up yet another powerhouse in Myers + Chang. In a building marked by a red dragon, Chang departs from French-inspired baked goods and instead offers up creative takes on the rich, vibrant specialties of China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Interior of Myers + Chang

Walking in, you’re immediately surrounded by things that make you question whether you’re still in South End Boston or a modern restaurant in Southeast Asia. The cool, eclectic dining room—filled with white chairs, foreign newspaper placemats, metal tables, and tin tea canister chopstick holders—sits next to a fiery open kitchen with hanging lights, paper lanterns, and a tiled bar.

The food menu spans all of the flavor, texture, size, and dietary-restriction spectrums. Whether you’re looking for mild or spicy, chewy or crisp, small or large, vegetarian or dairy-free, Myers + Chang has all the dumpling, bao, noodles, vegetables, chicken, shrimp, beef, rice, and salads you can handle.

Pork belly buns from Myers + Chang

Inventive, flavorful cocktails mix bold flavors like pineapple and Thai basil or blood orange and Sriracha, with names like Pineapple Express and Bloodlust. They’re fun, they’re tropical, and you’ll probably have trouble picking just one.

For that reason (and because it’s a good time), we’ve found that sharing this menu (even the drinks!) is best done family-style. Passing plates of pan-crisp dumplings, cold, fresh, nutty noodles, and crispy chicken with sweet sesame waffles make dining at Myers + Chang more of an immersive experience than just a meal.

During warmer months you can also enjoy your urban getaway meal on a tiny patio. Sunshine, bold food, colorful cocktails—what else do you need?

Food and drinks from Myers + Chang

It’s a great place for vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and shellfish-free options.

Three prix-fixe “Cheap Date Night” menus, intended for sharing, are available Monday and Tuesday nights at $45 per couple. Good food, good deal (and good names—we especially relate to the “Netflix and Chill” menu).

All dishes are marked on the menu for heat and spice level, so make sure you know what you’re getting (and ask if you’ll need it adjusted).

Must Haves

  • Chewy, fresh, and topped with peanuts, cilantro, and chili sambal. Note: spicy, spicy, spicy—or, “hotterest,” as the menu cautions.

  • Potsticker-crisp with a savory dipping sauce. Maybe one order is enough. (Maybe.)

  • Better than bacon—pillowy bao, brandy hoisin, OMG.

  • Ginger waffle (mmm yes, ginger in a waffle), sesame honey butter, chicken that seems to have been born fried, and a sweet, spicy sauce you might want to take home.

Fun Fact

Chef-owner Joanne Chang won the 2016 James Beard Award for Outstanding Baker for her well-loved Flour Bakery + Cafe (now with seven locations).

Tastes of Myers + Chang

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about Myers + Chang!

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