Row 34

Boston’s Fort Point staple finds a second home.

By Catherine Smart

Since this spot was created using the same formula as the restaurant’s popular Fort Point outpost, think of it as the chic shrine to the simple seafood you know and love—but at a country house and with a cocktail program. Hard to go wrong here with anything pulled from the ocean: crudos, fresh-shucked oysters (of course), hot buttered or classic mayo lobster rolls, fried oyster Lettuce Cups, or fresh pasta with shellfish. But whether you wash it all down with a glass of Grüner or Pimm’s Cup by the pitcher, please don’t forget to top it off with the epic Butterscotch Pudding.

Crudo in Boston served in Row 34

Row 34

5 Portwalk Pl, Portsmouth, NH

  • Must Have

Lettuce Cups

Fried oysters, pickled cabbage, and addictive aioli. The perfect bite.

  • Insider Tip

There’s much to love about Portsmouth, but not many places to enjoy a proper weekday lunch with really great drinks, food, and full service. Thankfully we’ve got Row 34, because getaways wait for no one.

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