Geno’s Chowder & Sandwich Shop

Solid seafood and New England nostalgia.

By Catherine Smart

You know that classic, coastal New England restaurant that you think might only exist in your mind, and on postcards, and in faded pictures of you sitting on Grandpa’s lap wearing a scrunchie? Well, that’s Geno’s! This family-owned lunch spot—tucked away on the picturesque back channel of the Piscataqua River—has been serving seafood and sandwiches since 1965. You’re here for rolls: fresh picked crab and whole-tail lobster (mayo or a buttered bun, your choice). And they’re so sure you’ll love the chowder they offer a no-commitment taste before you order, just like those old mail-in magazine subscription deals (we told you this place packs in the nostalgia). For those who don’t do seafood—get out of here! Just kidding; Geno’s has great BLTs and all kinds of freshly baked pies—but nothing beats the whoopie, so just go for it.

Geno’s Chowder & Sandwich Shop

177 Mechanic St, Portsmouth, NH

  • Must Have

Fresh Maine Crab Meat Roll

The sweetest, cleanest-tasting fresh-picked crab meat around, stuffed into a soft roll. The buttered version is our go-to.

  • Insider Tip

This seasonal spot is only open for lunch. Get there before it closes on November 3rd.

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