Sandbar at Jettie's Beach

Frosé goals are realized at this bustling beach bar

By Catherine Smart

You know that delicious cliché of rolling up to a tropical beach bar in the Caribbean, sinking into a rum cocktail buzz, and making friends with the perfect stranger sitting next to you with no regard for what day, week, or time zone you’re in? Well, Sandbar is the Nantucket version of that. When we need a break from roasting in the sand, slathering sunscreen on kids, or swimming up an appetite for a Jetty Burger, we towel off—leaving our shoes right where they are—and stroll on up to the Sandbar.  Order a Toby’s Punch (to channel that rum bar vibe) or a frosty glass of the signature summertime frosé, and enjoy island time right here in New England.

Sandbar at Jettie's Beach

4 Bathing Beach Road, Nantucket, MA

  • Insider Tip

Hit up the beach shop next door for gear rentals, sunscreen, and all the essentials you forgot to pack.

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