To put it politely, Boston is not known for its bagels. There is one exception, though, that towers above the rest: They call her Bagelsaurus.

Go for the adorable name and dino-bagel logo. Go support a badass lady-owned business. But most of all, go for the bagels. Bagelsaurus so artfully achieves chewy, crackly, airy bagel perfection that you’ll never again consider lugging home a reserve stash from your weekend getaway to NYC.

Bagels from Bagelsaurus

Located on Mass Ave. in Cambridge between Porter and Harvard Squares, Bagelsaurus originally hatched as a weekend pop-up at Brookline sandwich shop Cutty’s. Taking over Cutty’s kitchen on Friday and Saturday mornings, baker Mary Ting Hyatt quickly cultivated a devoted following with her Sea Salt Bagels and Honey Rosemary Cream Cheese. So loyal was her fan base that when Hyatt launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to help open a brick and mortar shop, she raised 163 percent of her goal. Boom.

The method behind Hyatt’s magic involves a decades-old sourdough starter plus slow and steady fermentation. From this foundation, Bagelsaurus builds a lineup featuring all the classics you crave (Sesame, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin) plus more modern creations (Seeded Wheat, Cheddar Garlic, and the brilliant Pretzel bagel). Do yourself a favor and pair that last one with the house-made mustard butter.

Herbivores and carnivores alike are drawn to Bagelsaurus’ bright, cozy space to get their bagel on. Purists will appreciate the many permutations to be had of the classic bagel-and-cream-cheese combo. (We’re partial to a Black Olive B with Scallion CC.) Want to up the ante? Oven-roasted tomatoes, avocado, capers, bacon, hot smoked salmon, and more are all available as add-ons. And for those with more ferocious appetites, spring for a bagel sandwich. We heart the Eggspañola—and you will, too.

Bagel hunters beware: Extinction happens. When the day’s bagels run out, Bagelsaurus closes shop. Spare yourself the agony and claw your way out of bed at a reasonable hour.

Round-the-block lines are pretty standard, especially on weekends. The counter crew keeps it moving, but if you’re in a rush and have a crowd to feed, take advantage of the Grab Bag option. For $25 (cash only) you can skip the line and score a mixed baker’s dozen (13 bagels). Spreads are $5 extra. Congrats, you’ve just earned hero status when you arrive home.

When it comes to weekday morning gatherings, there’s no party like a bagel party. That’s why Bagelsaurus caters handy breakfast boxes that include a baker’s dozen bagels and three tubs of cream cheese each, plus a la carte extras. Order 48 hours ahead of time for pickup; for delivery (after 10 a.m. only), order via Caviar.

Want to skip the line altogether—plus discover your new favorite coffee shop? Head to Longfellows, the daytime café inside of Lamplighter Brewing Co. near Inman Square in Cambridge. They’ll be serving Bagelsaurus bagels every Friday morning until they sell out.

Must Haves

  • There’s a reason this combo earned Hyatt her first admirers.

  • We’re officially convinced that every egg sandwich should come with feta, pimenton aioli, and gremolata.

  • These ingenious concoctions get dipped in lye to achieve that signature dark brown pretzel-y crust.

Fun Fact

A lesser-known cousin to the bagel, the bialy often makes an appearance on Bagelsaurus’ menu. Bialys have a dimple where bagels have a hole, creating a cozy nest for fillings like spinach and feta or leek and bacon.

Tastes of Bagelsaurus

So good we can't stop writing about it. Read more about Bagelsaurus!

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