5 Swizzle Recipes from Boston Bartenders

By Eric Twardzik · 07/20/2020

“Swizzle” is more than a funny-sounding word: It’s also the technical term for a family of cocktails that are typically (but not always) built in-glass with crushed ice and “swizzled”—stirred with a uniquely shaped stick of Caribbean origin—to frosty perfection (a cocktail spoon can often work, too). Sometimes considered the precursor to the frozen drink, they’re every bit as refreshing—and never require a blender.

Cappelletti Swizzle
Not yet familiar with Cappelletti? A great introduction to this slept-on, red wine-based aperitif comes courtesy of Bar Mezzana’s Cappelletti Swizzle, which blends the spirit with dry vermouth, simple syrup, and lime juice to create a crisp, acidic, and low-ABV dram.

New York Streets Swizzle
We miss Lion’s Tail, but you can toast the South End cocktail bar by recreating one of its signature drinks at home. The New York Streets Swizzle is on the ambitious side, calling for caramelized pineapple-infused gin, mint simple syrup, dry sherry, bianco vermouth, and a quinaquina aperitif—but the flavorful complexity of the finished product is well worth the effort.

Ramu Swizzle
Ramu is Japanese for “rum,” but that brief language lesson barely covers the basics of this potent swizzle from Hojoko; it also incorporates both green and yellow Chartreuses, lemon juice, a passion fruit-honey syrup, and Peychaud’s bitters. The figurative cherry on top is a garnish of spicy, aromatic shiso leaf.

Schnelwar Swizzle
This easy number from Puritan & Co. is truly a swizzle for all seasons. Lime juice makes it crisp and refreshing for summer, while the use of two gins (a local barrel-aged and a classic London dry) and cinnamon syrup give it enough body and spice to see service through fall and winter, too.

Carrie Swizzle
This zero-proof concoction from The Hawthorne proves that you can still get in on the swizzling without imbibing. In lieu of spirits, the Carrie Swizzle creates complexity with lime juice, grapefruit juice, funky sirop de canne, and a cinnamon-infused simple syrup.

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