5 Bartender-Approved Summer Spritz Recipes

Credit: Brian Samuels
By Eric Twardzik · 07/10/2020

Sipping a spritz is the cocktail equivalent of quick dip in the ocean: It’s refreshing, cooling, and just what we want on a hot afternoon. To help you up your own spritz game this summer, we’ve compiled recipes from some of our favorite Boston-area bars, ranging from the most traditional to the most certainly not. Expect these to be made easily and go down easier.

Aperol Spritz
When it comes to the most iconic of spritzes, look to Bar Mezzana. The sunny South End Italian restaurant keeps theirs authentic to the boot by garnishing with an orange wedge and a green olive.

Inverno Spritz
Inverno means “winter” in Italian but Select Oyster Bar’s Inverno Spritz is a low-ABV dram you can sip all year long. Made with Campari, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, and grenadine, this rendition is packed with deep, fruity flavors.

Umeshu Spritz
At first glance, the Umeshu Spritz from now-shuttered Whaling in Oklahoma doesn’t seem too radical; after all, it contains the typical Aperol and sparkling wine. But it also features Japanese plum wine and passion fruit purée, adding tart, sweet, stone-fruit flavors that are anything but expected.

Winter Spritz
Your love of spritzes doesn’t have to change with the leaves: As exhibit A, consider Franklin Cafe’s Winter Spritz. By incorporating nutty Amontillado sherry, herbaceous Becherovka, and a simple syrup made with bay leaves, this cava-topped take turns the spritz into a year-round affair.

Mezzana Spritz
Their Aperol Spritz may be spot-on, but that doesn’t mean Bar Mezzana won’t get creative. The restaurant’s eponymous Mezzana Spritz—which combines Campari, peach liqueur, Moscato, and soda water—was originally formulated as a joke, but the result is seriously good.

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